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…..... a bee puts to shame many an architect in the construction of her cells. But what distinguishes the worst architect from the best of bees is this, that the architect raises his structure in imagination before he erects it in reality.

                                                                                      Karl Marx, 1861-79/1977

Techtonica is a S.W.A.P. team tackling architectural complex geometry and derivative challenges.  We implement fabrication and construction logics on design expressions to allow builders to complete fenomenal design as the creator intended, so that the results can be actual representations of the designer's imagination.

Techtonica establishes 2-way bridges between designers and builders across design/construction process: material studies, geomatrical analysis and optimization, meticulous system design and simulation; intricate parametric modeling and fabrcation data extraction.  We blanket search geometrical and constructional challenges while focusing on design intents so that the best solusions can emerge.



Chia-hua Liu  Principal

2013    Found Techtonica

2006 ~ 2010    Front Inc. NYC -  Architectural Consultant
2005 ~ 2006    TEN Arquitectos NYC  -  Designer

2002 ~ 2005    Master of Architecture, UPenn

Chen-yu Chen

Hsin-yu Lee

Shuo-fan Chou



Complex Geometry
Geometrical Analysis & Optimization

Subject to design intent and fabricational principles, geometrical analysis & optimizations are performed through data colection and analization with computational alghorithmic tools.

Screenshot (705).png
Construction Rationalization for Geometry

Provide geometrical holistic analysis and additional metrology and optimization during the preliminary design phase.

Rationalized design according to materials, construction methods and budget, under the premise of maintaining the original intention of the design.

Adaptive Façade Detailing
Façade Systme Design

Work with Designer / Contractor in search of feasible Façade Systems to accommodate project specific geometry.

Building Envelope Detailing

Develope architectural / constructional details with Designer / Contractor to ensure the aesthetics, performances, and constructabilities of the building envelope. 

Algorithmic Fab-data
Parametric Models for Fabrication & Installation

Digitally construct algorithmic models which combines digitized real information from site and includes all the façade parts and components with parameters of quantities, material properties, fabrication and installation requirements. 

Data Extraction

Extract fabrication and installation data (coordinates, drawings, installation indices) from parametric models with automated processes to reduce human error and processing time. 






Geometry & Architectonic Consultants

1F., No. 44, Ln. 22, Guangfu S. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 10555, Taiwan

T   +886  2  2570  6011

F   +886  2  2570  5501

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